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Official  Conference Site
Chinese flyer in Word

Dalian Overseas Chinese Scholars Confernece
-- Liaoning OCS Innovation Week & Forum
Dalian, Liaoning Province, PRC
June 29 - July 3, 2000

400 OCSs invited to do business in Dalian & Liaoning
500 local businesses looking for cooperation & tech
100 million RMB VC fund for 100 OCS companies

|Application for Participation|China Contact|
|Dalian Scenes|Dalian Web Site|Dalian English Site|
|Dalian Daily|Dalian Daily-English|Dalian:100 Years Ago|

300 out of 550 applicants are selected 
by June 1


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Co-Sponsored by
Liaoning Provincial Government
PRC Ministry of Science and Technology
PRC Ministry of Education

PRC Ministry of Labor
PRC Office of Overseas Chinese Affairs
Dalian City Government

Contact Liaoning Organizer by Email

in Cooperation with
Silicon Valley Chinese Overseas

Business Association (SCOBA)
Contact: Dr. Dongping Zhu (
Organization Chairman for USA
Tel: 408-732-4800, Fax: 408-490-2729

Professor Chang-Lin Tian
Former UC-Berkeley President

Pictures from Conference Site

Grand opening
Conference site - Dalian OSPark
Mayor and MOST Minister on Balcony
Liaoning Governor Forum
Dalian Mayor Forum
Mayors reception
Dalian Scences form the trip

Dalian Media Reports on the Conference

how do international companies attract talent? July 28
Dalian sets up a 5-million RMB fund for OCS, June 28
Conference Opening, Dalian Daily, June 29
Meeting with Liaoning Governor & MOST leader, June 29

Vice Minister Xu Guanhua visits Dalian OCS Park
Mayor Bo Xilai meet with OCS, June 30
Dalian City Reception and Show for OCS, June 30
Business discussions well under way, June 30
Conference concluded, July 1
More biotech projects, July 3
OCS Conference opeing, 7/30, Liaoning Daily
OCS Science Forum, July 1, Liaoning Daily
Dalian OCS conference concluded wth 590 agreemnts, 7/2, Liaoning Daily

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Registration statistics, 450 applicants, 07/13/00

Conference Program

June 29 AM, Opening ceremony, speeches by officials & OCSs
June 29 PM, Business discussions with 500 local partners
June 29 Evening, Liaoning Government Banquet
June 30 all day, business meetings and Hi-tech forum
June 30 Evening, Dalian Government Banquet
July 1 AM, signing of business agreements
July 1 PM, tour to Dalian Software Park, Hi-tech Park, Beach Road

July 2-?  visit to other cities in Liaoning with local partners.

Travel Information

To those who have been invited to Dalian OCS conference:

1. RMB 3500 will be paid to each invitee in Dalian by organizer, see

2. spouse or families can go together since every invitee will have a separate room at Dalian International hotel (4-star level) in the center of the city.

3. pickup service will be available at dalian airport and railway station. it is only 20 min from airport to hotel.

4. you need to buy your own air tickets, international and domestic. at this high season, int'l tickets are hard to get now. please book them immediately.

Travel agencies:
Bestway travel: San Jose, CA, Tel 408-289-1578 free delivery to home at Bay area
American travel: Mtn View, CA, tel 650-961-7777 ask for Ivy (Castro Street)
Air China San Francisco Airport (SFO), CA, 650-877-0750
NY Chinese Travel: 718-229-0486 for Ms. Chen Hong
SFO-china round trip price is about $640.

5. if you want to apply to Dalian OCS conference now, please do it today from, and send an email to so that i can notify the organizer for timely assistance.

International flight:
Air China: SFO - Shanghai or Beijing
United Air: SFO-Japan-Dalian
other airlines also go from SFO or LAX to HK, Beijing, Shanghai.

China Domestic flights:
Beijing to Dalian, daily, 8-12 flights (9AM - 9:30PM), 800RMB/one way
Shanghai to Dalian, daily, 1-2 flights, 1000 RMB for one way
Domestic air tickets can be sold by US travel agencies or at most hotels and all airports in China

To find more info about dometic flights, go to and enter the origin and destination.

Conference High-Lights (Chinese flyer in Word)

- Best season to visit the most beautiful city in China
- 400 OCSs invited worldwide for 1 week in Dalian/Liaoning
- 100 million RMB VC fund ready to support 100 start-ups by OCS (RMB 1 million each)

- 500 Liaoning/Dalian companies join the conference looking for partners/tech
- financial support for international air fare
- free hotel and food in Dalian and Liaoning
- meet with Ministers of MOST, MOE and others
- meet with Liaoning party chief/governor and Dalian mayor
- discussions with Hi-tech Park officials
- group meetings with VC and other investors
- business meetings with Liaoning/Dalian/other business partners
- opportunity to visit universities/institutes/companies/sight-seeing

- free booth space for your company/product posters and demos
- tour to other cities in Liaoning
- chances to meet old friends and make new friends worldside

Requirements on Attendees

- must have cooperation project(s) with companies/universities/institutes/government/etc
- must be experts from all areas in sciences, technologies, engineering, manufacturing, etc.
- must fax back application form or apply from web site

Where to Apply for Participation & Financial Aid?
Click here to apply

Conference Contacts

Liaoning Science Commission, China
Mr. Xiaosen MU
Tel: 86-24-2384-5923,  Fax: 86-24-2384-5923

Dalian Hi-Tech Industrial Park, China
Ms. Xiaofeng Liu or Mr. Haiyang Zhang
Tel: 86-411-479-0268, Fax: 86-411-479-2713

Dr. Dongping Daniel Zhu, SCOBA
(Organization Chair for USA)
tel: 408-732-4800, Fax: 408-490-2729

Mr. Yujin Liu
Tel: 81-334464832, 

Fax: 81-334464833

Mr. Haibing Wan

el: 44-018-9525-6615, Fax: 44-079-3903-8569

In All Countries:

Science and Technology Office

PRC Embassy or Consulate General near you
call the offices for more information and registration form

Financial Aid for Travel

Country Amount (RMB)*
US and Canada 3,500
Europe 4,500
Japan 2,600
Australia 3,000
New Zealand 3,500
HK, Macao 2,000
Korea 2,000
Other East Asian Countries 2,000

* Local transportation and accommodations (food and hotel) in Dalian are provided free to all invited attendees.

Event Agenda

I. Innovation Week II. Hi-Tech Forum
June 29, Conference opening talks by 20 well-known scholars & executives
keynotes by government leaders focus on strategies for Info Tech, Biotech and Environment
speeches by OCS representatives
June 30, Business Meetings & Exchange
discussions wiht Liaoning cmpanies
seminars on strategies for IT, Bio and Environment
grouping meeting with Dalian Science Park staff & executives
Visit to Dalian area
business and living environment
transporation, culture, tourism
visit to companies
Closing Ceremony
signing of business agreements
conclusing remarks by leaders
Visits to Other cities in Liaoning Province

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Beach Road

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Golden Pebble Beach

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Ice Valley