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Welcome to
The Intelligent Control Technology Company
3565 Ryder Street, Suite A
Santa Clara, CA 95051
Tel: 408-245-9237, Fax: 408-490-2729
Email: info@zaptron.com

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Intelligent control is our specialty, and data mining is our business. We deliver innovative solutions, quality services, and professional tools to help bring maximum returns to customers in decisions, designs, manufacturing, services, and operations.

Zaptron Systems™, Inc., a spin-off of Aptronix, Inc. (the world pioneer of fuzzy logic  since 1988), is an intelligent system solutions provider with technologies in data mining, intelligent controls, high availability (HA) computing, neuro-fuzzy, data and information fusion.  The company's products and services focus on business intelligence, HA middleware for data communications in financial systems, web-based customer support (eSupport), equipment diagnosis, process optimization, and network controls.

Software Products -- The company develops and markets data mining software products (MasterMiner™ & DataX™), as well as a number of custom software products. They are used for pattern discovery, process optimization, materials design, equipment diagnosis, predictive management, network planning, and intelligent controls. The company also markets FIDE™ toolkit (Fuzzy Inference Development Environment) by Aptronix.

Consulting & Training -- Zaptron's technical staff offer consulting and advanced training services to corporations in the US and other countries.  We are committed to providing our clients with latest technology and products in data mining, decision optimization, neurofuzzy, controls, automation and systems engineering.


Zaptron Headquarters: 
3565 Ryder Street, Santa Clara, California, 95051 USA

  • Advanced research and development
  • Project consulting
  • Data mining, artificial intelligence
  • Software development and integration
  • Product marketing
  • Customer support

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Shanghai Data Mining Research Laboratory, pip3.jpg (134214 bytes)
99 Shangda Avenue, Shanghai, China

This lab develops software for chemometrics, data mining, pattern recognition, & image analysis.

Chemometrics and data mining technologies concentrate on applications to industrial process optimization and intelligent materials design. The windows-based software products, Yield Master™ and Materials Master™, have been widely used in more than 50 factories worldwide, including oil refineries, petrochemical plants, metallurgical manufacturing, advanced materials development, automotive industry, and chemical industry. The products help improve  the yield and quality of steels, fibers, plastics, super-conductors, semi conductors, ceramics, polymers, synthetic rubbers and compound films. Application fields include

Pattern recognition and image analysis software of this lab is used for medical imaging and industrial inspection, such as cancer diagnosis, aircraft crack, aviation security inspection, and corrosion inspection.

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A view from the office of Shanghai Research Laboratory.

Business Intelligence Laboratory
2 Linggong Road, Dalian, Liaoning, 116024 P. R. China

Located in the northeastern port city Dalian, this group is jointly established by Zaptron and Business School of Dalian University of Technology (DUT). With support from Zaptron, faculty, researchers and Ph.D. students in this group conduct applied research and development in information fusion, artificial intelligence, systems engineering, operations research, and control technologies.  Applications involve data and information fusion in finance and economy, fuzzy inference in process automation, and distributed control. Products and technologies include

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