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DataX™ -- Intelligent Data Mining Software  

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Configurable object-oriented modules
Interactive modeling & simulation 
Neurofuzzy inference, learning engines
Automated rule extraction capability
Pattern matching, preference analysis
Trend forecasting by time series analysis
Fusion of numerical & linguistic data
Complete database management tool set
Support ODBC for data warehouses
Bar charting, plotting, color visualization
Intelligent text search/sorting engine
Runs on PC/Windows and NT, size 40 MB


DataX is a complete software suite for intelligent data mining.  It is built on advanced technologies in neural network, fuzzy logic, linear and non-linear programming, and time series analysis methodologies. It is an ideal tool kit for business automation and factory automation. It is used in business planning, investment analysis, financial forecasting, customer pattern matching, market trend analysis, performance evaluation, case study simulations, system optimization, and resources scheduling. It can also be used in fault diagnosis, process control, and system optimization in factory automation applications.

Configurable Modules
The modular design of DataX allows users to create custom applications by using built-in modules, such as model base, knowledge base, analysis tool base, text search engine, and ODBC.

Analytical Tool Base
Fuzzy GMDH (Group Method of data Handling)
Multivariate regression
Intelligent decision support system (iDSS)
Time series analysis by Fourier method
Fuzzy correlation, clustering & categorization
Automated model building using neurofuzzy
Linear programming
Integer and other non-linear programming
Performance evaluation using AHP

User-Defined Graphic Desks
Executive desks
Departmental manager desks
Program analyst desks
System administrator desk

Information Publication by Push
Push to different  levels of an organization
User-defined contents and format
Option of HTML and Java applet implementations

Object-Oriented Architecture
Entity objects with basic and derived attributes
Relation objects containing entities &attributes
Problem objects defining problems to be solved
Problem operator objects defining operators
Problem solver objects with optimum solutions

Visualization, Text & Image Processing
Built-in bar charting
Multiple color plots
Multiple pie charts
Tables and labels
Embedded imaging tools (Paintbrush)
Picture in picture
Embedded text editors (Word, PowerPoint)

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