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Problem Background
This is an investment problem where 3 investment criteria are related to 3 factors (light or consumer industry, heavy or machinery industry and an uncertain factor).  The goal is to find the best investment strategy by simulation.

Simulation Studies
Neurofuzzy technology is utilized to model and simulate this investment problem.

Modeling & Simulation Tools of DataX™
provides the modeling and simulation tools (see picture below) that are ideal for system analysts to conduct case studies via simulations.

Example : Neuro-fuzzy investment performance simulation study - a real case (below)
Explanation - this example illustrates how to DataX(tm)'s neuro-fuzzy tools to perform system modeling, forecasting and simulations (3 inputs factors on the left-hand side, system model in the middle, and 3 investment performance indices on the right-hand side). This is an ideal to tool to model alternatives or various scenarios of different business applications, such as investment return prediction, market fluctuation simulation, stock or mutual fund analysis, consumption categorization, pattern matching, etc.

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