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Neurofuzzy Applications
in Business, Finance & Automation

Business Applications
Model building
Case simulations
Financial Applications
Rule extraction
Preference analysis

Financial Applications
Consumption Behavior Analysis
consumer preference matching
consumption decomposition
spending trend prediction
subjective price evaluation
prediction of satisfaction level
Applications to Credit Card Business
credit fraud detection
automated fraud explanation
credit spending analysis
Market forecast
stock price forecast
consumer price forecast
industry/regional growth prediction
Market demand analysis
Market fluctuation forecast
Market simulations
pricing strategy study
Case studies
scenario simulations
Business Applications
Sales automation
sales data mining
consumer demand analysis
inventory control & optimization
consumer behavior analysis
sales profit optimization
Automated business rules extraction
Goal Determination
Business models building
Alternative evaluation via simulations
production plans
marketing strategies
profit optimization
inventory control
price structure evaluation
Human Resource Applications
job matching
performance evaluation
benefit optimization
Factory Automation
intelligent help desk
automated trouble shooting
advanced machine fault diagnosis
resources scheduling

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