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DataX™ -- Data Mining Software Suite
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Product Specifications
Feature Highlights
Model Building
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Case Study Simulations
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Financial Market Forecast
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DataX Brochure

A Glance at DataX™

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Introduction to DataX™
Built upon neural network, fuzzy logic, non-linear programming, and time series analysis methodologies, DataX™ is a complete software suite, ideal for business planning, financial forecasting, customer pattern matching, market trend analysis, performance evaluation, case study  simulations, optimization, and resources scheduling. It can also be used in process controls.

Feature Highlights
Object-oriented component design configurable for custom applications
Interactive system modeling tools with multimedia capability (text, sound, pictures)
Natural language programming environment
GIS-embedded with map interface
Hybrid AI technologies embedded (neural-fuzzy, time series analysis etc)
Accessible to major databases using ODBC or by DBF conversion
Applicable to business management, marketing, finance, and engineering fields

Data Analysis Capabilities
Fuzzy GMDH (Group Method of Data Handle) and regression analysis
Fuzzy AHP (Analytical Hierarchy Procedure ) and multivariate analysis
iDSS (intelligent decision support system) and fuzzy expert systems
Time Series Analysis (trend analysis, cyclic component extraction, forecast)
Fuzzy correlation matrix, clustering and categorization
Automated model building using proprietary neurofuzzy identification algorithms
Case simulation tools for numeric, logic or fuzzy (uncertain) data or information
Fuzzy utility and demand functions
Linear and non-linear programming
Optimization and scheduling using genetic algorithms

Modular sub-systems configurable for custom designs
Model base
Knowledge base
Query, sorting and search engines
Analysis tools base
Data Import/Export (ODBC)

Object-oriented software architecture: objects hierarchy
Entity objects, Relation objects, Problem objects, Problem operator objects, Optimization operator objects

Reconfigurable GUIs tailored to users at different levels of an organization
Executive Desk
Department manager Desk
System Analysis Desk
Computer Administrator's Desk

ODBC to Major Databases
Oracle, Sybase, Informix, FOxPro, SQL, dBase II, IV and others.

Data Visualization in Color
Sinle and multiple bar charts
Single and multiple plots
Tables, labels
HTML pages
Java applets
Text files
Digital images (Bitmap, GIF, JPEG)

Result reporting and publication
Contents and format configurable by system admin
Pushed to various levels of an organization (as different GUIs)
HTML and Java applets publication capability
Diverse Applications
Goal determination and alternative evaluation via simulations
General system modeling
Case simulations
Optimization and decision support systems (DSS)
Controls (behaviors, investment, product quality, etc.)
Customer preference matching, consumption trend and composition anaysis 
Financial market forecast
Pattern recognition
Prediction and Diagnosis (machine fault, human diseases, product quality, etc.)

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